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Apostle Bobby Hogan is founder and Apostle of Kingdom Living Ministries in Fort Smith, Arkansas; Rogers, Arkansas & Muskogee, Arkansas. He is the host of Kingdom Living Television Broadcast on the Word and Impact Networks. Apostle Hogan is also the author of over thirty books. He travels the world preaching revivals, crusades, minister conferences and tv appearances. Apostle Hogan reaches multitudes through his media ministry. He is married to Prophetess Teresa Hogan and together with God they have impacted and changed thousands of lives by the prophetic anointing upon their lives.

  • Elijah Anointing Oil

    Anointing oils were used in scripture as a symbolic representation of the Holy Spirit for prayers of healing, consecration, sanctification for leadership, and deliverance. 

    Jerusalem forest scents with an olive oil base are used to create a scent of strength befitting the prophet who walked with God, spoke to kings, and was taken away in a chariot to be with the Lord forever. 

  • Healing Prayer Shawl

    To encourage the believer's faith, this prayer shawl has four scriptures on healing in English on the four corners, with the verse from Matt 9:20-21, "…if I can only touch his garment…" on the crown. In the center of the prayer shawl is the name of God, "Jehovah Raphe" in English and Hebrew.

  • Ram's Horn

    Organic, varying in color, texture and finish. These shofars come from real animals, and thus each is a unique instrument, no matter what size you choose to buy, it will truly be one of a kind.